my name is

Gracie Canaan.

comedian, writer, & producer

I'm a 

in New York.

Gracie (me) has been doing stand up comedy and comedy writing for five years. Starting in Philadelphia, her love of film, theater, and validation from strangers lead her to discover and hone a new passion for stand up comedy. She has produced several comedy shows (Nostalgia! and All Set), written and produced sketches that have appeared in places like Funny or Die! and in the Quickie Film Festival, and contributed satire pieces to Little Old Lady Comedy and WICF Daily. Her style can be described as dry, misdirecting, neurotic (sexually speaking), and by one audience member at a private birthday show, "offputting." Her immediate life goals are to land a job in a writer's room (like, any writer's room), and to curb her frequent use of Good Will Hunting quotes in everyday conversation.


here's a tape

 (in case you need proof. I totally get it.)

stage creds

places I've appeared and regularly perform:

San Francisco Sketchfest (2020)

Laugh Your Asheville Off, NC

Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, WI

Hoboken Comedy Festival, NJ

Harlem Comedy Festival, NY

New York Comedy Club

Philly Comedy Club

Broadway Comedy Club

Philadelphia Comedy Academy (Winner)

a parody moment

writing samples


coming soon. please email